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About me

I am Kalila aka Kirsi Mari Lepik. I am a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher currently teaching in different dance studios and schools in Tallinn.

​I started dancing when I was just 3 years old and found oriental dance in 2005 when I was 9 years old. Since then oriental dance has been a true passion and defining part of my life!

I started teaching regular oriental dance classes in 2010. To this day, I am teaching regular classes and workshops all over Estonia and abroad. On an everyday basis I teach bellydance and oriental dance classes in DanceAct Studio, Tallinn School of Lifelong Learning, Zahira Dance Studio and Dance School MODUS. I also lead the Bellydance show troupe Beyond Bellydance for enthusiasts of oriental bellydance.

The priority in dance classes for me is correct and safe dance technique but also the positive emotion and joy that you get!

​I have been competing in various oriental dance competitions in Estonia and abroad and won numerous awards. For example 1st place in professional category in Queen Of The Pyramid in Latvia 2015 and 1st place professional category in International Oriental Dance Festival in Estonia 2013. My choreographies have also been successful at competitions. For example 2nd place in amateur category in International Oriental Dance Festival in Estonia 2019 and 1st place in amateur category in Layali Dance Festival in Sweden 2020.

​I am a dancer and choreographer in Dance Troupe Zahira. I work on developing the Estonian oriental dance field and organising events as a member of Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance.

My dance background is quite versatile - in addition to oriental dance I have been learning many different dance styles like ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, character dance, Estonian folklore etc. I have obtained a Masters Degree in choreography from Tallinn University and dance specialist  profession level 7 (out of 8). I am also developing my skills in different workshops and courses in Estonia and abroad and I believe that there is always something new to learn in the dance world.

I find the variations of music and movement opportunities, feelings of melting together with the music to be the most fascinating parts of oriental dance. To this day I am intrigued how one dance style can be so soft and feminine but at the same time just as sharp and powerful.

In addition to teaching bellydance and oriental dance I teach children's dance classes daily for 2-6 year olds in different kindergartens in Tallinn and creative dance lessons for 1st - 4th year students in school.

I am a member of Goltsman Ballet and have been dancing in different performances with the troupe all over Estonia (Casanova 2016, Alice in Wonderland 2018, Siddhartha 2019).

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Media coverage

Huvitaja - Vikerraadio.

Radio interview in Estonian with me and Sandra Vokk, show host Krista Taim.

Terevisiooni saade 

 From 00:59:56 dancing in a morning TV programme.

•ETV Pluss show ТВой вечер - Baladi Beauty ja Desert Secret

Performing with a troupe Saphire.

RaksEstonia artikkel

„Kas on võimalik tantsides muusikaga üheks saada?
Improvisatsiooni võlu ja keerukus“
Article about improvisation in oriental dance in Estonian.

RaksEstonia artikkel

“Idamaisel tantsul on Eestis tulevikku”
Ülevaade uurimistööst “Idamaine tants Eestis”

Article covering my research about oriental dance future in Estonia, in Estonian.

•Interview to Всё Всегда Везде

From 8:30. Competition Queen of The Pyramid in Riga 2015, in English.

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