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​Want to spice up your party with a dazzling bellydance performance?


Bellydance performance is the perfect surprise for your guests - birthdays, company parties, Christmas gatherings, New Years Eve, weddings, festivals etc. In bellydance performances we use different exciting props - shamadan, wings, veils, fan-veils, swords, cymbals and more! At the end of the performance there is an opportunity to include the audience in a short dance - learn some easy steps and dance all together!

Bellydance class for bride and guests at a bachelorette party! Mystical and sensual - awaken your femininity! Dance workshops are also a good opportunity to add excitement to your birthday party programme!

​Want more dancers to your party? Contact me and Dance Troupe Zahira can spice up your event with a versatile dance show! We offer different styles and programmes for your event - bellydance, brasilian samba, bollywood, glamour show, gypsy dance, spanish, mix programme, Christmas special, dance workshops etc.

You can also order dance programme of different nations - Kalila is working with folk dance group Uppsar! Estonia, India, Turkey, Russia, Montenegro, Moldova, Chile and other folklore dance styles from charismatic Uppsar troupe and Kalila!

The average length of dance performance is 15-20 minutes.

Contact me and we can combine the perfect show programme for the event with your personal wishes in mind and compile a price offer for your event!

Invite me to perform or teach at your event!

Thank you! I will contact you soon!

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